Top 3 Strategies for Avoiding Windows IoT Key Theft

The benefits and opportunities offered by IoT devices are unarguably staggering. As technology companies continue to develop and improve IoT devices, one challenge continues to persist: how to keep devices safe and secure. Such devices are increasingly unlikely to be in physically secure sites, which significantly increases the opportunities for malicious cyber-attacks. Even a slight misconfiguration or security overlook could invite hackers to commit data theft or security breaches. Also, as the IoT is a vast network of several connected devices, one compromised device is capable of taking over the entire system and crippling an organization.

However, if an organization adopts the right people, procedures, and technologies to monitor and protect their own environment, they can still prevent disaster. This invaluable eBook, developed by Advantech, will help introduce you to:
• A tool that supports assembling, reporting, and returning a unique identifier for the computers on the factory floor.
• An efficient software solution capable of simultaneously deploying operating systems with comprehensive settings to multiple computers.
• A product that offers security locks for advance user authentication directly on the storage device and prevents physical storage theft.

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