Symantec’s SymEd Solution: Addressing Security and Mobility Challenges in Education

It’s an exciting time in education. Teachers are leveraging technology for initiatives such as e-learning and flipped classrooms. Students are using smartphones, laptops, and tablets to conduct research, take tests, and team up on assignments via social media platforms. Tasked with ushering in and enabling this new era in learning, curriculum directors, IT administrators, and faculty are using technology to develop an increasingly open, collaborative, and efficient learning environment. At the same time, data breaches continue to mount, with education now ranked number three in the top 10 sectors breached by number of incidents, (after healthcare and retail, respectively). In this climate, education IT is tasked with protecting information and networks, while keeping the environment open and flexible. To help institutions embrace technology while managing and securing their infrastructure, Symantec developed SymEd Solutions, a suite that combines the essential solutions needed to support the growing technological demands of academia.