State of Ransomware Report 2022

Protecting your organization from ransomware attacks requires the latest strategies for both readiness and response. The faster you can identify and contain ransomware, the less impact an attack will have on your business.

But, with so many competing demands for cybersecurity investments and limited budgets, many IT and security pros aren’t sure which ransomware strategies will be most effective to offset risk—especially as the ransomware landscape is changing rapidly.

Therefore, understanding how companies like yours are currently approaching the ransomware challenge provides actionable guidance you can use to update your strategy.

The latest ransomware research findings are here to help.

This year’s ransomware study surveyed 300 IT and security decision-makers to understand their attitudes and actions regarding ransomware.

What we found bucks some presiding ransomware trends and will make you rethink some of your assumptions about ransomware.

Inside you’ll find:
• Year-over-year ransomware trends
• Insights from the trenches about what’s working and what’s not
• Expert advice that puts the survey findings into context