(ISC)² Report: Cybersecurity Assessments in Mergers & Acquisitions

Cybersecurity audits are now standard practice in the merger and acquisition process. And what these reviews uncover can substantially impact a target company’s valuation – and ultimately decide whether a deal is completed or abandoned.

A strong cyber program could make or break your valuation. (ISC)² polled a highly-targeted group of 250 U.S.-based professionals with M&A expertise to understand the importance of cybersecurity in organizational audits during the course of a sale or merger, and what tangible effects it may have on the value and the outcome of a deal.

The takeaway for business leaders is clear: Sound cybersecurity practices are critical to the bottom line and having the right skilled professionals in place to implement them is a solid insurance policy.

Download the report to learn how your cybersecurity program affects organizational value.