Cyber Insurance Report

Almost 80% of survey respondents have used their cyber insurance policy. Half of them needed to use it multiple times.

Increasing demand for cyber insurance continues as more companies look to offset their ongoing risk. Meanwhile, insurers are recoiling from overexposure; it’s been widely reported that carriers are raising rates and requirements due to high demand.

In this environment of uncertainty and change, we researched the experiences companies have with obtaining and using cyber insurance. We surveyed over 300 IT security professionals from across the United States to see how they’ve met the challenges.

The report data indicates that companies need to go beyond the easy check-the-box exercise of obtaining cyber insurance. Policy requirements may not be enough to cover their greatest risks and may even offer a false sense of security.

Our hope is the results of the survey report and our expert analysis helps you prepare for obtaining and renewing cyber insurance, with coverage and rates that accurately reflect your risk profile.

Dig into the details to make sure you have everything you need to understand the impact of a cyberattack and safeguard your organization.