2023 SANS™ Report: The State of MDR

In about two years, Gartner predicts half of organizations will be using managed detection and response (MDR).1 The pace and lethality of attacks require greater operational capacity and expertise – and offloading 24/7 detection and response while you focus on strategy is probably an inescapable good thing.

In this report, the SANS Institute dives into the current state of MDR. Learn about:
• New advances in MDR
The best programs integrate with APIs, SOAR platforms, and cloud provider services, and some MDR options support collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Automated workflows have arrived too.
• Common MDR capabilities
MDR services are continually expanding capabilities. See the menu of services you should expect: XDR, threat intelligence, machine learning, end-to-end detection and response, and complete remediation.
• Starting your evaluation
Different MDR providers can be very, very different. This 2023 SANS Report gives you a great set of early considerations. What are the skills of the MDR team? What interaction can your team expect?

Download your copy of the 2023 SANS Report “The State of MDR” today.