Develop a Financial Risk Assessment for Data Using Infonomics

Data is the lifeblood of modern digital businesses. It is literally the most important asset for many organizations. Yet, few enterprises actually value and treat data as an asset equal to their physical inventory, cash, or employees. As a result, companies don’t know the financial risks if their data is lost, stolen or found non-compliant with privacy laws. Nor can they enact data handling and security policies commensurate with those financial risks. The emerging discipline of Infonomics provides business leaders a way to understand and value their information and create security policies that make fiscal sense. We believe that this Gartner research report, co-written by Gartner VP and creator of the term Infonomics, Douglas Laney, gives CISOs and other security and risk management leaders the tools to develop a financial risk assessment model for your data using the theory of Infonomics.